Welcome to the Monroe Housing Authority where we have been providing quality, affordable housing for over 75 years.   As one of the largest providers of housing in the City of Monroe, our agency offers over 3500 housing options that address the needs of families, retirees, and those with special needs.   The supportive services and amenities provided throughout the organization enables us to fulfill our mission to improve the quality of life of the people we serve. 

Monroe Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners and Staff’s commitment to excellence has enabled us to be the recipient of HUD’s prestigious High Performer designation since origination of the award.  We will continue with that same spirit of excellence and high performance mode of operation as we prepare innovative approaches to the housing needs of the future. 

As Executive Director of the Monroe Housing Authority, I would like to personally invite you to see what Monroe Housing Authority has to offer as we implement HUD’s mission to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities that provide quality affordable homes for all. 



Frank L. Wilcox - Executive Director



Winter is approaching and being prepared for the dangers winter weather can bring is very important.  To prepare for winter emergencies here are a few tips that could minimize winter weather hazards:

·         Stay indoors (It can become very dangerous especially with the various temperature changes).

·         Be careful when walking on snowy, icy walkway (Snow and ice makes it easy to fall).

·         Stay dry (Frequently change wet clothes to preserve body heat).

·         Limit driving when necessary. Try to travel in the day with a reliable passenger.

·         Let friends and family know your destination and route in case of an emergency.

Tips for Seniors

 Seniors need to keep important items ready when needed including:

 ·      Wheelchair batteries

 ·       Oxygen tanks

 ·       Catheters

 ·       Daily medications

 ·       Food for pets

 The goal is to prepare for emergency situations before they happen.

 Dress for the Weather

·         When going outside wearing appropriate clothing is important. Wear layers of light warm clothing to retain the heat.

·         Wear mittens instead of gloves (Mittens are warmer).

·         Wear a hat to keep your head warm.

·         Wear a scarf to cover your mouth and lungs from the harsh winter winds.

Visit the website www.Ready.gov for additional information. Make sure you and your family are prepared before a winter storm strikes.




Current employment opportunities


Upcoming Bids

Advertisement for Proposals

The Monroe Housing Authority will accept proposals for Architectural Services until 10:00AM on Tuesday, March 8, 2016.  Proposals should be submitted to Monroe Housing Authority, 300 Harrison Street, Monroe, LA  71201.

Complete RFP documents may be obtained from Monroe Housing Authority, 300 Harrison Street, Monroe, LA  71201, Phone no. (318) 388-1500 ext. 322.



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN BY THE HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF MONROE, LOUISIANA, that Public Hearings shall be held in the Community Room, Frances Tower, located at 300 Harrison Street, Monroe, Louisiana, on March 30, 2016 at 5:00 o'clock p.m. for the purpose of obtaining the views and comments of public housing and Housing Voucher residents, local government officials, and interested citizens on the proposed 5-Year and Annual Agency Plan; Capital Fund 5-Year Action Plan and Annual Statement required by HUD under the Capital Fund Program; and the Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2016-17 as required by LSA R.S. 39-1304-1308.


The following items will be discussed:

1.   Proposed Agency Plan.

2.   Scope of the Capital Fund Plan/Annual Statement and estimated available funds.

3.   Proposed physical improvements (primary emphasis of the grant).

4.   Proposed management improvements and Economic Development

5.      Proposed Performance and Evaluation Report.

6.      Proposed Annual Budget.

Comments will be accepted orally at the above time and place or written by mail or personal service at the Monroe Housing Authority, 300 Harrison Street, Monroe, Louisiana 71201.




Frank Wilcox,

Executive Director


Anyone who is disabled or requires special services should contact the Monroe Housing Authority at (318) 388-1500, Extension 302.


Please contact Ms. TJ Thompson at thompsont@monroeha.com or 318-388-1500 ext. 322 for more details.

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