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Monroe Homeownership Program

This program provides low-to-moderate income families technical and financial assistance to become home owners. Call 318-388-1500 for class schedules. Classes are held three times each year.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Resident groups meet monthly in each development to discuss various issues affecting their neighborhoods. These groups are instrumental in crime prevention activities at each housing site. Call your manager for more information on when these meetings are held.

Neighborhood Centers

Currently the MHA has three centers in the following developments. Miller Square, Berg Jones, and Robinson Place. The following programs are housed in these centers: Neighborhood Policing, Adult Literacy Program, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts. Phone numbers are as follows : Berg Jones, telephone 318-387-7495, 1951 Samuel; Miller Square, telephone 318-387-7026, 4237 Beale Street, and Robinson Place, telephone 318-322-4431, 5514 Robinson Drive.

Neighborhood Resident Police Officers

Currently three police officers reside in three different housing sites. They patrol the sites thirty hours a month, report to management and attend neighborhood meetings.

Neighborhood Policing Program

Officers are assigned to three developments providing onsite patrols, walking a beat to get to know the neighborhood and its needs.

Adult Literacy Classes

Courses are offered by Monroe City School Adult Education. Confidential tutoring in reading skills to adult clients.

Self-Sufficiency Program

This program is designed to help Section 8 residents to become independent and self-supporting. Participants are referred to various local agencies that help them reach their goals such as getting a GED, college degree or job training. They are also referred to agencies that help them with child care expenses and transportation. Money is placed in an escrow account in the amount equal to the increase in the tenant's rent which has resulted from an increased income. These matched funds are then given to the program participants when they are completely self-sufficient (no longer need public assistance).

Special Activities for the Elderly

  • Noon meals provided by the ouachita Council on Aging
  • Health Screening
  • In-house bingo, needlepoint, ceramics & exercise
  • Trips to the movies, area restaurants, theater performances & casinos
  • Ladies & men's nights out






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